So what's going on with you?


I'm back baby and I've got FO's all over the place. And yarn and a book! Let's start with the book because it's so precious that I almost started squealing in the middle of Borders. You must have your own copy of Itty-Bitty Nursery. Why? I'll tell you why! You need your own Mouse Mobil. There are more mouse close ups in the book which is why you must at least go to your local book store and page through it.

And more importantly for all the frog lovers out there a frog pacifier clip. Ohhh so cute, I just want squeeze him! This books also has several cute sweaters, hats and blankets. Next time I have a baby to gift knit for I know what book I'll be reaching for.

Real knitting content tomorrow because all these pictures are messing with blogger.

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