Marking my Calendar


Thanks to knitting there are just oodles of things to get excited about this summer. Here are a few dates that can’t come fast enough.

June 9th – The next woolgirl sock club package gets shipped. Jen continues to amaze me with the yarn and goodies in these packages so excitement is high. All sock needles are empty in anticipation.

June 14th – A new yarn store, The slip knot is opening about 15 mins away which will make it the closest yarn crack dealer to my house. Crossing my fingers that it will be stocked with tasty brands. Maybe not toooo taste so that my budget remains intact.

June 22nd – Loopy ewe swap round two packages are mailed. I’ve gotten all the knitting done for my partner Mapleweave and am collecting little goodies to add. My dear husband put the air conditioner in the window so now I can bake something tasty too. (Thanks sweetheart!) Sheri owner of the loopy ewe is knitting for me…. please don’t hate me :).

August 1st – A new knitting web mag Twist Collective goes live. The pictures on their media kit make me excited as a kid on Christmas morning. The Twist Collective Ravelry group says articles and pictures of the designs are free to look at, the designs can be purchased. I’m assuming it will be in the same price range one usually pays when you purchase patterns off a designer’s blog. Finally a reason to pull out the big red marker and slash the days off your calendar. Just don’t sniff that marker too long.

Picked up these two lovely rhinestone buttons at my favorite button dealer Vintage Necessities. They aren't going to go on the tangled yoke but they certainly look nice with the felted tweed in gilt.


  1. You lucky dog to have Sheri knitting for you! I hope you get Wollmeise from her as well!!

  2. Are you planning on checking out Slip Knot this weekend? I'm giving blood Saturday morning, and then treating myself to a trip. Can't wait!

  3. Ohhh yes! I will be at the Slip Knot early Saturday morning with the saved up yarn money.


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