Whoops Forgot Cherry


As I pulled on my Cherry cardigan this morning the thought passed through my mind, "Hey did I flash a finished pic of this on the blog?" Ummm noooo. So this blog post is for all my lovely relatives with out Ravelry access.

Small Cherry
Yes my eyes were closed in every picture, argh!

Cherry cardigan knit in Sublime extra fine merino because I'm a little leery about knitting an adult sweater in cotton. The one cotton baby hat I've completed was enough to make my hands cranky.
Most of the sweater is a size 36 except for the bottom. As usual I cast on a the number of stitches for a size bigger and then decreased extra out while knitting to the waist. To do this I usually check my row gauge against the number of stitches that need to be decreased and try to come up with an even number.


Even though the waist detail was started at the right depth according to the pattern it still looks a bit low to me. However that is the only minor issue I have with this sweater. The rest of the fit very flattering and I'm very pleased with how the button bands and neck band knit up on number 2 needles.

Knitting on the Climbing Leaves Pullover didn't happen at all last week. Socks still have held sway when the sewing machine gets put away. I did manage to get a semi good modeled shot of the one finished Majestic sock.

glided m
Mmmmm golden cabled goodness.

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