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When one of your virtual sewing besties asks if you can write a guest post you don't say no! Which is why I'm over on the Sewicalist blog today. Gillian, of Crafting a Rainbow, asked if I'd like to talk about my transition to wearing vintage styles full time.  We used a bunch of old Me Made May photos as reference points so you get to have a fun look back at my old makes.

I didn't put this one in the blog post.....but it makes me laugh like an idiot every time.

This post ended up being a companion piece to my last post about turning 40. Writing them at the same time might have something to do with it.  I wanted to keep the birthday post light and fun, just a look at various wardrobe mishaps over the years.  My transition to vintage post is more about why I made the change. It's by no means dark, but I did go into some of the internal changes that lead to my choice to be a full time vintage lady.  To read that post just click on this little linky right here.

I am doing Me Made May this year over on Instagram. Do people do blog roundups of that sort of thing anymore? You can find me over there under knitnbee if you wanna see what makes I keep pulling out of the closet. *cough McCall's 4264 cough*

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