A bird in the nest


Friday night my husband wanted to get some Thai food and do a little Christmas shopping in downtown Media. We have excellent stores and restaurants in town so I was most pleased with this idea. After a tasty meal and the Noodi Bar (heh heh not making that up) we went to my favorite store Earth and State. My husband is very careful decision maker so I had plenty of time to fondle pottery, giggle at the sparkly snowmen, and figure out which Christmas tree ornament I was going to buy for myself. I have a weakness for pottery and Christmas ornaments and one is more easily justifiable. Let's just not talk about the size of the box of Christmas ornaments sitting in the basement. I also did some careful decision making and bought this little bird. It seems fitting that I bought a knitted animal for the first Christmas I will be a knitter. And more importantly he's squishy.

My new friend is sitting next to the last Booty club shipment (ha haa more booty references). My address was one that paypal ate so it came while I was away for the holidays. Do I like purple and blue? Yes I do! This one is staying outside the stash with the Sheepaint bamboolaine and the Funky Carolina sock yarn.

While I was making dinner my husband found a little nest for the new bird. I wonder if he will lay little heel darning eggs.

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