Down to the wire


List of tasks to complete before Christmas
1. Knit three more 24 row lace repeats to finish present for Grandmother (pictured above)
2. Knit hat for Dad, only 2 inches done
3. Buy two additional presents
4. Wrap 50% of already purchased presents
5. Package gift cookies (At least they are already baked)
6. Buy ingredients for Christmas dinner which I will be cooking (not at my house though)
7. Bake 2 pies, bread
, cinnamon rolls
8. Do laundry, pack luggage, groceries, kitchen utensils, etc
And I need to do all minus gainful employment 6am-6pm (there is some knitting time during the commute) the Friday night and Saturday that will be spent at my In-laws and the drive to Maryland to my mothers.

Where's my clone to help me with this!

That's OK let us enjoy some old fashioned Christmas ornaments made by someone in my family. This reminds me that I have to make my own kitschy Christmas ornaments for my future children to teasure.

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