Come on Baby and Kiss that Frog


It’s obvious that I have a thing for frogs. It’s not clear when the “obsession” started but it does predispose me to liking certain things. Liking things like these; Kiss that Frog mittens! I have to thank one of my Ravelry friends, shamroxann for queuing them. They showed up on my friend activity and they immediately became something that must be knitted NOW! (Isn’t the friend activity view the best thing ever)

No modifications other than having to sub a fingering yarn for worsted since I’m “loose knitter” from having kissed the blog frog too much. Both yarns are Hazel knit’s Artisan sock, main color Baroness and contrast color Euphorbia.

Shamroxann queued these this week Bunny and Frog mittens. hee heee


  1. That's so cute! And I heart that Euphorbia colorway!

  2. It's me again... time to update your blog? :) I gave you an award - go check it out on my blog.


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