So what did you knit during your vacation?


It's the last day of vacation (sniff sniff) and it has been very enjoyable. Not only is my shower sparking white, but knitting output has been fabulous. Really that's all I want in a vacation a chance to knit while watching movies and one big massive cleaning day to make me feel all virtuous. Throw in being able to make cookies in the middle of the day and you've got gold. Mmmm........ chocolate chip.

Between baking cookies and riding roller coasters here is what's come off my needles recently.
The all American sock is well on it's way to becoming a pair. Yarn is Pigeon Roof Studio's fingering in color Bohemian. Since Pigeon Roof Studio sells her skeins in smaller sizes I knit these toe up. It turned out that there was plenty of yarn for a plain knit in round sock like this.

Next is the mitten pattern that made me take the color work plunge, Kiss that frog mittens. The designer has much tighter tension then I do, so instead of worsted these are knit in Hazel Knit's Artisan sock. In person you'd be able to see that my floats aren't always long enough and other tension problems. My inner 5 old is happy and wants me to start on the left one right away.


Bottom hee hee frog (Color better in this shot, background is Baroness, Frog Euphorbia.)

Finally something that is not part of a pair; a hat for myself. Some preblock shots of the Bousta beret knit in Sublime Angora Merino color 0044. Love love love this beret so much that it's inspired me to knit some of Ysolda's beret patterns that have been on the back burner for awhile. Right now Gretel might be the first one in the queue. To bad I was "good" and didn't buy that teal Ultra Alpaca at Yarn Love up in the Hershey area. A great store, but if you want to visit mapquest it since it's a bit tricky to find.

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