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Spring does seem to be affecting my creative endeavors, as I am flitting between projects and crafts.
Tried the Smitten Kitchen's Light Wheat Bread recipe which was very tasty. Good toasted with peanut butter on top for a light breakfast.
Worked a little on nakniswemodo sweater number 6, the Climbing Vines pullover from Interweave Winter 08. I'm blaming the reading of other people's blogs for this project choice. Like everyone else I'm using Dream in Color Classy, my personal color choice... Loopy Ewe's exclusive "Don't be Blue." Two sleeves down and the rest of the body to go. This one might take a little while since socks are distracting me.
Then there was the completely addictive time suck of the Woolgirl sock club pattern Majestic. Knitting this with LOST season two in the back ground is pretty much all I did Monday through Wednesday.
small glided

Sock heel
After releasing myself for sock craziness I got out the sewing machine and tried to make one of those puzzle balls from "Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts." Yeah, that reminded me why sewing pisses me off. Stupid ball grrrrr.
To make myself feel better about sewing I had to cast on a new sock from left over Hazel Knits Euphorbia. Hopefully this will become something leafy fitting for spring. Grow happy sock grow!
embossed start

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  1. Jeppers, you're a busy gal. LOVE the Woolgirl socks!

    (I can't believe you're on sweater number 6...)


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