Twisted-V Pullover... the sweater that was meant to be


Take ten balls of yarn bought on a whim. Add a randomly free download from Interweave's Knitting Daily newsletter. What you get is the happy accident of my Twisted-V Pullover.


I was stalking...umm noo... checking out... yes.. book previews on Interweave site and took a liking to the Twisted-V Pullover in Simple Style. Then wonder of wonders Knitting Daily offered the pattern as a free download. But wait there's more... the yarn suggestion "Zara" was already in my stash. Score!


Construction was straight forward or should I say simple? :) Cast on in the round and knit that twisted rib until your eyes start to cross. Listening to a good audio book during this part will make all that knitting go much faster.

The length of the sweater can be easily modified here by adding or subtracting twisted ribbing before working the body chart. I tried on the partially completed body, measured the length and compared it to the flat length. It looked like I was losing about 1 1/2 inches due to negative ease, so I added an extra inch of twisted rib.

After finishing the chart you split for the armholes and start working the front and back separately. I also made a mod here, using short rows for the shoulder so a three needle bind-off could be used to join the pieces. Worked like a charm.

My last mod was to drastically increase the number of stitches that were picked up and purled around the V-neck. I picked up 60 for each side of the front on a size 34 because there seemed to have extra length there too. As long as you follow the guideline to pick up 3 stitches for every 4 rows then the finished edge looks great. (If you are using the free download the text says to check the back of the book for how to pick up and purl. Thankfully the internet will clear this technique up for you, hooray internet!)


If I was to do this sweater over again there would be only one change, to work a little more length into the body. Other than that it's perfect. I like the V-neck depth, the thin sleeves and the squooshiness of the yarn. It's flattering and people will never believe you knitted it. :)

This sweater can also be an awesome looking vest if you do a little finishing on the arm holes.

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