Holy Crap It's November


Do you hear that ticking?  It's the slow countdown of crafting days left until Christmas. AHHHHHHHHHH!!! Someone hold me and maybe contact the sewing birds and mice from Cinderella. Do they knit too cause I got all the female members of my family hooked on hand knit socks. I'm afraid of what might happen during Christmas dinner if they all go into sock withdraw.

No really, I have a list and it seems completely doable....as long has Des doesn't bring some some mutated cold germs that lay me up for a month.  Now that I've said that it will totally happen.

Luckily for you guys most of the Christmas sewing doesn't need to remain secret. My sister requested all of her items and my youngest niece and nephew can't read yet. Once they can I'm just going to make them giant pink bunny suits like the one in "A Christmas Story," then laugh at the photos on social media.  Worst Aunt Ever! But enough about my future Machiavellian sewing plans, let's talk about this years list.

1. Peek-a-Boo Patterns Alex & Anna Winter PJ's
Made these for Des earlier this year and loved how RTW the finished PJ's are. Plus it gave me an excuse to buy more yummy Lillestoff prints from Kitchsy Coo.  It's the Mercedes of cotton knits!
Kiddie PJ's in my future.

2. Pajama Eaters from Sew Fearless
Cause PJ's and PJ eaters go together like peas and carrots!  They are so cute that I want to sew them and hug them and then feed them PJ's....NOM, NOM, NOM! Also I want one for me, cause reasons.

3. Lady Skater Dresses for my sister
My sister enjoyed the "Summer of Dresses" and put in a request for some of the knit dress patterns. The Lady Skater went to the top of the list since it's easily adaptable for all seasons.  I mocked up this one for her to check the sizing.
"Finish meeeeee." Hush now dress, there is plenty time for hems.
She did an awesome job taking her measurements so I only need to shorten the torso and the sleeves. Next up, one with a maxi length skirt.

4. Ottobre Peacoat also for my sister
So my sister bought me an iPad for my birthday, which I love almost as much as my own child. She pretty much has a ticket to ask for as much custom clothing as she wishes.  Right now she's reading this, tenting her fingers, and saying "Excellent."
Since she was eyeing a peacoat style coat last year, I'm going to use this Ottobre pattern from Issue Autumn/Winter 5/2010.
Finally tracing this for @jamiepilar from Ottobre women 5/2010
It's going to be made up in some charcoal gray wool from my stash and have a faux fur collar. I'm pretty sure this is gonna look so awesome that I might recreate the "Fat man in a little coat" scene from Tommy Boy, just with out the the ripping.

Now I'd better get sewing, Christmas waits for no woman.


  1. Ooh such nice stuff! I love Kitchsy Coo's prints for kids!
    That peacoat is pretty fabulous looking too. What a fun list to make up!
    I've always got a mile long Christmas list to make and usually only get half of it done. I need to sit down and make my plan of attack up for this year...

  2. I'd never seen those Pajama Eaters! What an amazing idea. And you are supremely generous!

  3. Will you adopt me and make fabulous stuff for me too??? You have an ambitious list! The fabric for the lady skater is gorgeous and the pea coat sounds like it will be amazing (can't wait to see pics). Those pajama eaters are sooo cute! I haven't even starting thinking about Christmas yet so you're way ahead of me!

  4. starting = started. oops :)

  5. You're so good! I'm totally going on strike this year. No gift sewing! I've done too much unselfish sewing lately.
    Of course, I say that every year and then on Dec 15th decided I need to make new outfits for all the nieces and nephews. But not this year!!

  6. The cotton knit is as expensive as a Mercedes! Why am I not a bazillionaire? I want ALL the fabric.
    You have some lucky family members. These gifts are awesome!
    I am using an Ottobre pattern for my older kids and the winter pjs pattern for the boy. I love how quickly it comes together, and it really does look RTW.

  7. Wauw, you are generous with your sewing skills! Me, hmm, not so! I love the PJ eaters, those look so awesome and cute and cool at the same time, I wouldn't mind finding one in my bed either... The lillestof fabrics look mega adorable!
    Looks like you have your work cut out for you!

  8. Wooo Hoooo out of town excuses. Just give everyone the gift of your lovely smile and they'll be happy. Or maybe that's just me. :)

  9. LOL, I picture you and frog drinking in my living room and demanding more cookies. "Come on you two, I have a seam to sew." Frog just replies, "Top off my eggnog woman!"

  10. Good luck on completing your Christmas sewing list Melanie. Lots of nice things on there, you should have happy receivers.

  11. Thanks Lisa, now I'm wondering what odd look I'd get from my husband when asking him to record "fat man/little coat". Haa haa haa!

  12. Make that list Em! You can do it cause I will send froggie to help you pin seams. :)

  13. Thanks Morgan, I think everyone needs a Pajama Eater even if we're grown up kids. :)

  14. I will certainly adopt you Shar! Plus sides are cookies and getting handmade clothing. Minus sides are partial neglect while I make those things. LOL

  15. You're always sewing stuff for the kiddos so I say you've earned a strike. All the pretty things for Katie!

  16. Yeah, that stuff is expensive which is the only reason I do not have PJ pants for me.
    I saw the Ottobre PJ's on instagram and they looked fantastic. High Five Laura!

  17. I think I'm only generous once a year so maybe it all evens out. Now I better buy some fabric for those PJ eaters. Nom Nom.

  18. *Declined comment on the in progress coat for Myra* Strike Fail!

  19. Thanks! Maybe I will blog the pjs one of these days. Blogging seems to be too much work lately. :(


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