Free stuff + Trip = Quick Project


Nothing nicer than a little instant gratification project every once and awhile. My grandmother is trying to get rid of her insanely large stash of fabric and I keep taking more of it even though it's filling up my basement.
My latest find was this pink cotton with flocked strawberries on it, so cute! There isn't much fabric left so my brain said "Shoe Bag!" After digging through my stash of stuff I also located some pretty red ribbon. My toothy monster Curtis is posing with the raw materials, I think he likes red for obvious reasons. After one ripped out seam, some measuring (and a Family Guy break) I have a cute little bag for my shoes. Now they won't dirty up my clothing in my luggage and the bag is sooo much nicer than a plastic bag. Frog checks out the finished product and the shiny shoes. He likes shiny things.

1 comment:

  1. See now this is where your sister diverges. After the first stitch I did wrong has to be removed, I'm done. Going back to playing with the frog.


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