Frogs and Yarn


This little fellow tangled up in my yarn is Monkey Frog. The yarn is baby alpaca so you really can’t blame him for developing cat like tendencies and getting his paws all over it.

The concept for this blog is to have fun documenting the making various crafty items and have frog and his buddies help us out. (They are a helpful bunch). I’ve really enjoyed reading the sexy knitters club and wardrobe refashion blogs lately and maybe some day I’ll sign up to be a part of them. For now baby steps with plenty of silliness from frog, because I’m just a bit crazy.

Sooo what am I knitting in this picture? The First Sweater Dumm dummm dummmmmm. This is only my second project as a new knitter and I didn’t bother finishing the first scarf. Pretty ballsy I know, but now that I know how to knit and purl, I can make anything…. Right, right
Frog says alpaca smells good.

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  1. What a hansom frog playing with that lovely yarn. I must find myself some yarn to play with. --Frog of Jamie


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