Through the Power of Time Lapse Photography


I give to you my first completed sweater piece. I was so excited I actually remembered to whip out the camera. This sweater has been in the works for about a month and a half (I think) but it is now waiting patiently for another skein of yarn to finish it. Hopefully the dye lots will be similar since my LYS seems to be getting rid of all their good stuff to stock novelty yarn. As you can see Frog always wants to be the center of attention and has sneaked into the photo. I'm kind of glad the back is the first piece that you knit since I made all kinds of dumb beginner mistakes. My husband learned that he likes to watch me knit until things go wrong and then it gets scary. (I start hearing, "Language, Language young lady" as I mutter death threats to my stitches) Frog has tried to convince me that this is not a sweater back but a nice blanket for him. My argument that he has fur to keep him warm is not convincing him and he wants to demonstrate better uses for this piece of knitting.*

A Stars Wars inspired Robe,

A net to catch your Nugget,

And a nice pen to keep your Nugget contained.

* I assure you that no Nuggets have been harmed in the shooting of these photos.

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