I think my yarn drawer is full


The box of "I can't believe I'm working while I'm sick" yarn arrived from two swans yarns on Thursday. Frog enjoys helping unpack the boxes. Two Swans was having a sale on black or orange yarns so I got enough Naturally Merino et Soie to make a sweater. I also got some felted tweed since I could not resist it anymore. The Naturally Merino will probably become a V neck sweater and the Felted Tweed a Tangled Yoke Cardigan. We all have to jump on the band wagon some time.

All this is waiting while I knit baby sweater number two for another friend who is the prefect non-knitter. She always is interested in what I'm making and is really impressed that I taught myself how to knit. People like that need to be rewarded with hand knits. While the knit picks Swish is really lovely color red I don't care for the hand at all. It's crunchy or something and it makes me crabby to knit with it. I was very good for several days and only knit on the baby sweater, but finally broke down and cast on some yak yarn for a KoolHaas hat.

Oh Shokay
Shambala, you are so fuzzy and wonderful and you match my splint.

There was an accidental crushing of my finger in a car door this weekend. My boyscout husband assures me that it will heal up fine if I keep it splinted. My brother-in-law said I just need to get a really big finger puppet to wear over the splint. That sounds totally awesome. I'd like another monster please.


  1. Where does one find the yak yarn? I live near San Francisco but haven't been able to locate it and haven't had much luck on line either

  2. I got my yak yarn from Yarnmarket.com


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