Wine Time


As promised the pictures from our grape harvesting weekend. I should have taken some pictures of the vines but forgot. To the left the entire harvest of Chambourcin grapes with my husband studying in the background. There was less to pick this year but the fruit was better quality. After all the picking most of us sat back and relaxed while my father in law ran the grapes though the crusher. A nice action shot of that below. Then all the grapes go into the big white trash can and some of the stems get picked out. A bit of the liquid gets tested for sugar content and this year it was perfect, no additional 5 pounds of sugar needed. :) The grapes will sit in the basement fermenting for a while and then get bottled up with a nice illustrated label that my husband made. In a couple of years year 2007 might be a real tasty one!

In knitting news, the evil baby sweater is complete enough that other people at work are exclaiming, "I want one!" Ahhhh noooooo!!!! At least it started a fun conversation down at the train station. I had one very new knitter (only knew how to garter stitch) and one who hadn't learned anything yet but has signed up for a class, ask me about what I was making and if it hard to learn. They were both very nice and I enjoyed having a chat with them.

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