Two socks but not a pair


I've finished two socks in the last few days. On the left side is my woolgirl sock club in Miss Bab's sport weight. The one on the right is Mom's Christmas sock in natures palette fingerling, "Now with more length!" They both have perfectly kitchenered toes thanks to directions on Kitty. Yeah! The Miss Bab's waterfall colorway has a little bit of purple in it so we'll pretend they go together for now. Many thanks to my husband for providing me with additional lighting, even if he thinks I'm crazy. Look at the cables.... so yummy.

Today is mess up your knitting day. I've knit the turn of the heel on the companion Mom's Christmas sock twice. And ripped it out twice. I cast on all the stitches for the second Miss Bab's sock and immediately made a large erro
r on the first row and just took the needles out and ripped.

This is why I'm working on a sock I have no business working on. Chara
de done in Pigeon Roof Studios Bohemian. And I hate knitting through the back loop. But I want to knit these anyway. So I will while watching "How I meet your Mother" on DVD. Delightful.

IK holiday issue has not arrived but I can go on their website and see a preview of the Winter issue which will not be delivered to my house anywhere around November 13th.

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