Dancing in my new socks


My Freya socks in Hazel knits Chocolatier were finished up during a post holiday visit to my sister's house. I put them on, went out to a lighted area and danced around. My brother in law was the only one paying any attention to me and was a bit freaked out. Haa haa!

These socks will hold a special place in my heart. The sock yarn was a joy to knit with and dryer Wendee has wonderful customer service. She also emailed me to say that she was inspired to make her own Freya by my pics of the first completed sock. Awww shucks.
Then the pattern designer, Momma Monkey, requested one of those pics for the pattern page on Ravelry. Awesome!
So now I put them on and think happy thoughts. They'll always be my dancing socks.

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  1. Would it be possible for you to email me that pattern? The link on Ravelry isn't working, and I think they're gorgeous.

    Not, mind you, that I need to add yet another pair of socks to my 'to be made' pile but you know how it is :)




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