Knit a mile challenge


Knit a mile challenge? Sure it will be fun, FUN, so much fun your neck will beg for mercy. Actually is has been fun, even though my neck is a little angry with me for completing a sock in a weekend. Or it could be those little funky knots I’m knitting into my second Irish dreams sock. The ones that make me utter insults about the yarn's mother every fourth round. Right now that sock and I are going to battle it out until a needle or my neck snaps. I might be able to coax it into more docile behavior by letting it snuggle with its completed partner. Hopefully this won’t backfire and result in two unruly socks that steal my credit cards and buy acrylic yarn.

Anyway back to where we started, with the Knit a mile challenge. I might have been a bit crazy when I signed up. Or maybe it was guilt that all the sock yarn can’t be shoved in one drawer under the bed anymore. (This guilt isn’t going to stop me from fighting for some German yarn next week) But anyway I signed up and knit like a college design student before final crit week. This must have triggered some old memories because I woke up on Monday convinced that two papers and a collection of three garments were due in two weeks. Never been more relieved in my life to realize I just had to go to work.
Here’s my pretties, Twinkleberry sock in Hazel Knits Terrywinkle. Say that five times fast. Heee hee hee Oh and I'm trying to become a Hazel Knits pusher if you couldn't tell.

1 comment:

  1. A pusher?! Love that!

    You have the best taste in you sock patterns. Now I have to do a Twinkleberry too! Thanks for the inspiration! When will I find the time to knit all of these socks in your lovely shadow?


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