Holy Tangled Yoke Batman!


Way back in the fall a certain knitter was not immune to Tangled Yoke mania. But then there was the matter of not getting gauge until size 5's were downsized to size 2's, ick. Finally my brain said "Hey sleeves on size twos are like a pair of big socks, you can do that right?" Sure when you put it that way..... no problem.
So what is going on with this sleeve? Why is it soooo frecken wide? Notice 5th DPN inserted at the width I would expect in a cardigan. I've pinched out over an inch. Looking at ravelry pages no one is commenting "My sleeves are unseeingly wide at the bottom," and I double checked that the stitch gauge is pretty good, maybe 1/8 off. Oh well knitting sometimes goes astray. All this is getting ripped out and the new sleeve is going to be 3's because "I said so!"

One more photo for my sister.... Nanny Nanny boo boo these socks aren't for you! Lily of the Valley by Jeanie Townsend in Hazel knits Shady Verdant. (But I might be persuaded to knit some green socks if certain amounts of chocolate find their way into my stomach..... and cookies are provided for Frog.)

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