Wool Stuffing, I love you


My loopy ewe swap project is about 3/4 of the way done, but it witnessed a stress induced freak out and now our relationship is a bit awkward. We agreed to take a small break. (I was also cheating on it with a little elephant, maybe it found out.)
Now that one Ysolda pattern has been completed, I'm addicted and purchased Elijah. If the addiction hadn't already happened this pattern totally would have done it. It is soooo much fun. The only reason knitting stopped last week was lack of stuffing. Too lazy to get in the car I ordered some wool stuffing from Joy's Waldorf Dolls. They have some interesting info on their site about using sheep that have been grazed on pesticide free ranges and they also gave me an unexpected 30% off my order. The wool stuffing comes in something like a batt. I unrolled the sheet and hugged it and it is wonderful stuff. Soft to the touch and lofty, if you hold it to your nose it faintly smells of sheep. (in a good way) So far my elephant Trumpy is feeling nice and squishy stuffed with wool. I just have to be careful about giving him away to people who might want to wash him. Felted insides might not be so good.

Purple and green seem to be all around me even in the back yard. Our Indigo plant, which has been getting bigger for three years but not flowering, finally has buds! Looking around our tiny "garden" it seems like all the native plants have purple flowers. Maybe my husband (the plant purchaser) has some sort of purple fixation he hasn't told me about. :)

The plant purchaser saw the post and commented that he was going for a color scheme. I should have known, he does work as planner.

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