Springtime at the back yard


My in-laws back yard that is, which had many beautiful picture opportunities.

Iris that were transplanted to a new location and bloomed spectacularly this year.

The wine grapes just starting out as tiny green buds.

Trumpy all finished up and lounging around in the herb garden. He was a great success with all the adults who thought he was cute and fun to play with. Ironically the only child there this weekend didn't look at him twice. :) One ball of cashsoft was enough to knit the head, body, two legs, and one arm. It does take "two" balls but not much of the second, knitting one up would work if you had a ball and a half laying around somewhere (I do in blue). The only part of the pattern that confused me was knitting the second ear. I reversed the directions purling where the first ear was knitted and vice versa. This worked fine and I felt pretty proud of myself until later when it hit me that the directions could be followed exactly if the back of Trumpy's head was facing me instead of the front. Doh, not so smart after all!

Here's take two of the Tangled yoke sleeve in a much better width for my preferences. Right now the husband is calling it my falconers sleeve which amuses both of us. Oddly I can't put this sleeve down even though the tiny needles make progress slow. It might be the felted tweed who's flecks of white, black and blue make it very interesting to look at. Hopefully the infatuation will continue through the long slog of knitting the body. Crossing fingers that the knitting goddesses will smile on me. :)

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