An Apology to my Blog and Some Cute Baby Pics


Dear Blog,
I had the best of intentions back in February to visit you on a more regular basis. You probably know that I spend much of every day online but have left you all by your lonesome. Part of the problem is the on going sleep deprivation which turns my brains to mush. However it occurred to me lately that there are many blog conversations running around in my head. Conversations and a pretty pic or two that I'd like to share. So poor neglected blog, I'm sorry and maybe we can string a couple sentences together, you know when I'm not worshiping the porcelain god.

Anywho, my little baby in progress is being a bit high maintenance demanding feedings every two hours (even at night) and flooding my body with enough hormones that often I must revisit that last meal. It's been my practice to browse on over the shutterfly site housing all my nephew's cute pictures when I need reminding of what waits for me in the future.

Back when we found out my sis was expecting a boy I went to the FO stash and got out the Vintage Car Coat from The Little Sublime Hand Knit Book. This was knit way back in Jan 08 out of some Cashsoft my sister gifted me for Christmas.

Well Little D is big enough to be our baby model and show off his knitwear.
D in Car Coat 1
Hello there, aren't I adorable?

D in Car Coat 2
Yes, I have short arms but pay no attention to that cause I'm smiling for you.

D loves wearing his hand knits because they feel just like his blankets and are easier to stuff in his mouth.
D in Car Coat 3
Mmmmm tasty sweater.

Good thing I sewed those buttons on tight. ;)

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