Did your mother have a button box? My mother's button box was (and still is) a very nicely made wooden box with proper hinges and maybe even a hint of cedar inside. If your mother was also a sewer (like mine) that box tended to house some rather exiting little gems. There were several metal shank buttons with coats of arms imprinted on the top. Those where favorites, however I also had a fondness for a good honest wooden toggle always floating on the top due to it's large size. Oh, and the big navy plastic ones with anchors on them, yeah they're common but I love that anchor.

It seems that I've never gotten over the giddiness of pawing through my mother's button box. Right now the "button box" that I paw through would be There are times when I must set up a self imposed ban on this site so that the grocery money doesn't get spent on old stock glass buttons from Europe. However this being my birthday month I figured a little retail therapy was in order.

First purchase Victorian metal buttons with snowflakes on them. Some future hand knit cardigan + snowflake buttons is going to = awesomeness.

Vintage black plastic buttons. They're classy and they're black, enough said.

Victorian black glass buttons with silver luster. The Precious!!! Back off, I saw you staring at them. They're MINE!!!!! OK, I'm better now..... maybe. Now I just have to get myself a proper box.

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