Getting Salty Again


Yes, the package with the extra balls of Salty colored merino arrived and now we're gonna "Get all Salty." By getting salty I mean take some pictures of Frog with the yarn and then start knitting the Vogue Heart Yoke cardigan again.
Frog is a yarn sniffing connoisseur.

The short rows were all finished up and then we hit our Duh moment. All this time I'd been looking at the Vogue photo and thought the yoke only consisted of 3 colors.
Don't hate me because I'm beautiful and wearing hand knits.

When starting to knit the chart I was wondering why it had so many different symbols. Duh, maybe because there is a bunch of gray in it! (Seemly you didn't bother to read all the yardage requirements either, silly knitter) I might just ignore this and go with my original color plan of only red and white. Maybe throw in the MC in for a little variety, we'll see.

In the few days when the Heart Yoke sweater was stalled I purchased Wooly Wormhead's Twisted Wooly Toppers book. There is a bunch of worsted and DK yarn in the stash that is either left over from other projects or only 2 balls were purchased. Knitting up a few of these lovely hats should take care of that problem and maybe produce a few gifts.

First hat cast on was Brownie knit up in some Cascade 220. As long as you aren't being an idiot and trying to knit the cabled brim in the round then it's a very easy pattern. All that is left are some ear flaps and this will be going in future baby's clothing stash.
That's right DH, the baby is going to wear funny hats. You can't stop me!


  1. Yummmm, Minty Frozen Yogurt Cone Head!

    Looks neat, but just can't place what turban-like hat I've seen with the spiral top. Some middle Asian look?

  2. Sherpas in Nepal.
    And I might not want to put that on a kid older than 4. Unless you lived in a trendy neighborhood in NYC.


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