2013 Sewing Resolutions


Last year I accomplished none of my sewing resolutions, so making a new list might be an exercise in self denial. But hey, new year, new you....

1. Sew 75% from the stash.  
Truth be told I've just about run out of room to store my fabric stash.  As a single income family money is also tight and it just makes sense to use what I've collected over the years.  I still am "allowed" to buy something new occasionally so that a major fabric binge doesn't occur.  Complete fabric fasts are not for me.
This is just the satellite stash, the main stash in shoved in a dark hole in the closet.
2. Try not to start too many projects at once.
I tend to get a little too ADD with my sewing. Check out the piles of muslins that didn't make it into real fabric last year.
Some of these garments were styles that didn't really work on me.  But most of them are just garments that need more fitting work.  Instead of doing it I just moved on to something new and shiny. After awhile I got really frustrated that there were no finished garments despite all the sewing I as doing.  In the long run sticking to a project is probably a better idea.

3. Be a better blogger
I want to blog but seem to never get around to it.  The plan of attack for this year is just add it to my schedule of things to do.  We'll see if that works.

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