Butterick 5814 First Muslin


Hey, are you game for looking at me in low light with exposed bra straps?  Well then you're in luck because I've got pics of the first muslin for Butterick 5814. 
Nice Smock

I went the extra mile on this muslin since it was my first time doing anything with boning.  There was some plastic boning lying in the stash so I inserted into the muslin as directed.  Also put in a back zipper because skipping this step totally bit me in the ass during sewing disaster month October 2012.  As far as first muslins go this one is pretty good, but does need a little more work.

1. The straps fall off the shoulder at the drop of a hat.  I was messing around with my new tripod and both straps fell off making the entire bodice fall around my waist.  Not something you want to have happen in a real social situation. (Though it might liven up a party.)  Planning on doing the seam trick Gertie did of adding a curved shoulder seam to the sleeve.

2.  Even with the sleeve change pinned out there was still too much gaping of the neckline.  On the right side I'm planned on tucking more of the main bodice piece into the inset.  On the left side I might have to do some sort of hidden dart.  Going to play around with the piece some more to see if there is another solution.

3.  Originally I thought the waist was a bit too big but then remembered to do the "sit down and breath" test.  The waist is perfect when sitting down so it will stay as is.  The skirt is surprisingly perfect with only my normal change of increasing the back dart intake.

Now it's time to get out the scissors, tape and seam ripper and make those changes.


  1. Looks great! I'm so impressed with you for making this dress - It's going to be a knockout! You should talk to @sewbusylizzy about her experience with the dress - She might have some good fitting/construction tips!

    1. I read @sewbusylizzy's pattern review on PR and was amazed she did this dress with out a muslin.


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