Summer of Dresses - I Dream in Blue


Everyone mark their calendars cause I actually completed a sew-a-long instead of abandoning it for a new project hours after signing up.
We could dive into my problems with sewing commitment or just take a look at pretty pictures. Pretty pictures it is! Meet Billie Jean version 2, dreaming in blue.
The self fabric is some light weight silk shantung I've had in the stash a year or too. When I saw it posted on Emma One Sock I just knew it would be some sort of fancy sheath dress and purchased it immediately. It sewed up like a dream, look at those perfect joins!
This pattern has already had a proper review so I'll just give you a rundown of the differences between the two Billie Jean versions.
1. For this version I did not raise the neckline but did use Abby's instructions for moving the straps so they sit on the shoulder.
2. Since I wanted to put a sleeve on this version the armholes were dropped about 3/4" and scooped a bit (1/4" maybe) in the front.  They are still a little on the tight side but I'm fine with it.
3. I butchered the sleeve from Simplicity 1803 to make it fit my armhole. The pleat depth was doubled, the cap height lowered and I just cut some of the width off.
4. This version is lined with white Siri lining from Gerties shop.  I could have lined the sleeves too but decided just to slip stitch the lining to the armhole seam allowances.

5. Used an invisible zip again cause reasons. (Hatred of hand sewing maybe)
6.  I used the size 16 skirt with 1/4" extra ease added to the side seam starting in the hip area and going all the way down to the hem.
7. The skirt length was shortened 1 3/4" for my own personal preferences.

Now I have the perfect dress for meeting Don Draper in the bar for know if he wasn't a fictional character. Maybe I should just give Don Robot a call while Claire is frolicking around the USA?  Yes I think that's the perfect plan.

PS. - Abby has just released a new blouse pattern and the 10% sale has been extended through the weekend.  Just though I'd let you know since I'm kind of obsessed with her designs.

PPS. - A clarification on the time of Sewical Bee challenge for those of you in the USA. August 10th 12am GMT is gonna be around 7:00 pm tonight for East coasters and 5pm tonight for west coasters.  I should have given you a local time on Monday so apologies for that.


  1. Lovely lady. That's a great colour.

  2. Wow, your dress is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful work! Great job completing the challenge! Give yourself a pat on the back!

  4. The neckline of this dress is gorgeous on you! And I like the little cap sleeves you added. I love that the style is simple so it's all about the beautiful print!

    Hooray for completing the sewalong! (You didn't include the "husband comment" - what's he think of it?)

  5. Thanks Brooke, you know my husband didn't say anything about this dress. But then I'm not sure he really looked at it.

  6. Thanks Margo, Do you think a reward of chocolate is in order? :)

  7. Thank you Jackie. Now I just need someplace to wear it. :)

  8. Thanks Andrea, blue and me be best pals forever. :)


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