Ahoy, Ahoy! It's a Nautical Lad


Hey there folks, I'm in a bit of a knit garment extravaganza......or maybe I'm just trying to pad out my stash busting numbers. What ever the case, cat boy does need a few summer clothes even if he prefers to run around naked.  Put on some clothing  boy, you can be a nudest when you have your own place!

First up Peek-a-boo Summer PJ's. Oddly I didn't own this pattern yet, despite my torrid love affair with the winter PJ set.  Guess last summer I ran the gantlet at Carters instead of sewing them myself.  That mistake won't happen again while there is Lillestoff lurking in the stash.  OK fine, I bought this print in February with the sugar skulls sweatshirting. It's wrong not to pad a Kitschy Coo order, the voices in my head told me so.

Anyhow back to PJ's, the summer variety is just as easy to sew as the winter ones. A slight mod was made to the sleeves and shorts because I didn't want to finish them with ribbing.  I added 1/2" of length to the sleeve hem/shorts hem area for a standard hem.  This worked fine for the shorts, but the sleeve length still looked a little too short for my taste.  Why I didn't listen to my gut which told me this before cutting the fabric? Because I'm stubborn, that's why.  There was plenty of ribbing in the stash so I added it to the sleeves as instructed and decided it looked fine.
Now I need to buy more prints for some mor PJ's.
Other than my own sleeve length preferences, I've got no complaint about the Summer PJ set. Love me some Peek-a-boo patterns. Now if only that rascally boy will stop demanding he wear dragon PJ's long enough for photos.

After finishing the PJ's I still had a 1/2 yard of fabric left over, sweet! Might as well take advantage of the serger and coverstitch already being threaded with red and make the Fishsticks Patrick curved raglan. I'd bought this one a long time ago to sew for Christmas presents and never put it together.  Mostly cause it was the year of sewing coats for my niece and nephew and time ran out.  I was still interested in trying this pattern because of the curved raglan shape.  Good to have a little variety in your boy's raglan collection, so I whipped one up with some red jersey for contrast. Luckily for the blog my baking assistant was in the mood to do some modeling work during his shift today.
The pattern has a two piece long sleeve, so for warm weather I used the upper sleeve pattern and drafted my own hem band.  The band is the same 2.5" width as the neckband and 1/2" shorter than the sleeve hem width. That worked nicely in the same ribbing as the neckband.
Soooooo I did a classic Heather and looked up the seam allowance after finishing the shirt. Sigh, I used to be such a reader.  Turns out it had a 1/2" seam allowance which I probably would have cut down.  With much trepidation I put this on Master D to find it fit just fine. Chunky toddler for the win! Can't make skinny pants for him, but he saved me plenty seam ripping this week.  Good job boy, you can clang the measuring spoons all you want.
I made a couple knit tops for myself, but those will have to wait another day.  Too busy stuffing blueberry muffins in my mouth to take pictures. Nom, Nom, Nom.


  1. Awwww, Des, what a cute model!

  2. Love these. The fabric is perfect for Des. Feeling a bit guilty cos my boys don't get nice handmade t-shirts :/ maybe I need to get some of the lillestoff fabric to motivate me!

  3. He brought it this time. Probably helps he didn't have too much room to move around. ;)

  4. The boy makes everything look good.

  5. Yes you do, and throw some in the cart for yourself. :)

  6. Oh he is sooo cute! I love the nautical - those colors are excellent together and I really do like the added red ribbing cuffs even if they were not initially intended that way. :)


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