MMM-15 Week 3 Round Up


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood today and I'm crashing out, with frizzy hair, glasses and me-made PJ's which you'll never see a picture of. :)  Instead have a look at this weeks outfits.  

Day 17
Top - Gypsy top from Vivian of Holloway
Skirt - Emery from Christine Hayes
Shoes - Harlow from Miss L Fire
Brooch - Luxulite

Day 18
Top - Edith from Maria Denmark
Skirt - Betsy from Bluegingerdoll
Shoes - Rock Lobster from Miss L Fire
Brooch- Luxulite

Day 19
Dress - McCall's 6696
Brooch - Vintage Bee
Day 20
Top - Bardot Boat Neck from Collectif
Dress - Lea from Jolie Marie Louise (Currently unavailable)
Shoes - Cherry Pop from Miss L Fire
Brooch - Luxulite

Day 21
Top - RTW sweater from Tatyana
Skirt - Emery from Christine Hayes
Shoes - Chelsea Crew


  1. Gorgeous! I do envy your style. You know what works for you. And I'm especially glad I'm not on the same school run! The standards are high on your block!

  2. You've found a great phototaking spot! Any neighbours snuck up on you yet?

  3. These are all fantastic!! I still love love love that dress you wore on Day 20 - it just looks like it would be perfect for anything!

  4. Stylin' momma!

  5. Thanks so much. Don't worry though, I'm the only odd person on my blog overdressing for everything. :) People always think I'm going to a party instead of the grocery store.

  6. Thanks Heather. Hoping to sew that pattern again with the alternate sleeve and maybe switching out the skirt.

  7. Thanks Maris. Doing my best to confuse everyone at my grocery store. :)

  8. So lovely outfits. I like your style a lot ^^ Totalle in love with the shirt dress

  9. You are so GD adorable! I can't take it!


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