Even though I'm a new knitter sock fever has grabbed me and won't let go. I blame it on Lime and Violet's podcast, because you know they made me listen at gunpoint. I went from only having 9 skeins of alpaca for the sweater in previous posts to having a whole drawer full of sock yarn. And I have carts of more sock yarn saved all over the net.
My mother actually requested a pair of socks for Christmas so it was time to get out the double points and make the first sock. I'm working with Fearless Fibers superwash Merino Wool in the Midnight Passion colorway. The pictures do not do this yarn justice, the color changes from a plum like purple to a cooler grape purple with flecks of a lighter value purple here and there. Everyone who sees me knitting in person really likes the color. I'm knitting the Uptown Boot Sock pattern from Interweave's book "Favorite Socks, 25 Timeless Designs"(yum). Frog and Nugget are checking on my progress last week as I finished up the leg. Chicken Nugget being the more adventurous one picked the pointy end.

Free stuff + Trip = Quick Project


Nothing nicer than a little instant gratification project every once and awhile. My grandmother is trying to get rid of her insanely large stash of fabric and I keep taking more of it even though it's filling up my basement.
My latest find was this pink cotton with flocked strawberries on it, so cute! There isn't much fabric left so my brain said "Shoe Bag!" After digging through my stash of stuff I also located some pretty red ribbon. My toothy monster Curtis is posing with the raw materials, I think he likes red for obvious reasons. After one ripped out seam, some measuring (and a Family Guy break) I have a cute little bag for my shoes. Now they won't dirty up my clothing in my luggage and the bag is sooo much nicer than a plastic bag. Frog checks out the finished product and the shiny shoes. He likes shiny things.

Through the Power of Time Lapse Photography


I give to you my first completed sweater piece. I was so excited I actually remembered to whip out the camera. This sweater has been in the works for about a month and a half (I think) but it is now waiting patiently for another skein of yarn to finish it. Hopefully the dye lots will be similar since my LYS seems to be getting rid of all their good stuff to stock novelty yarn. As you can see Frog always wants to be the center of attention and has sneaked into the photo. I'm kind of glad the back is the first piece that you knit since I made all kinds of dumb beginner mistakes. My husband learned that he likes to watch me knit until things go wrong and then it gets scary. (I start hearing, "Language, Language young lady" as I mutter death threats to my stitches) Frog has tried to convince me that this is not a sweater back but a nice blanket for him. My argument that he has fur to keep him warm is not convincing him and he wants to demonstrate better uses for this piece of knitting.*

A Stars Wars inspired Robe,

A net to catch your Nugget,

And a nice pen to keep your Nugget contained.

* I assure you that no Nuggets have been harmed in the shooting of these photos.

Frogs and Yarn


This little fellow tangled up in my yarn is Monkey Frog. The yarn is baby alpaca so you really can’t blame him for developing cat like tendencies and getting his paws all over it.

The concept for this blog is to have fun documenting the making various crafty items and have frog and his buddies help us out. (They are a helpful bunch). I’ve really enjoyed reading the sexy knitters club and wardrobe refashion blogs lately and maybe some day I’ll sign up to be a part of them. For now baby steps with plenty of silliness from frog, because I’m just a bit crazy.

Sooo what am I knitting in this picture? The First Sweater Dumm dummm dummmmmm. This is only my second project as a new knitter and I didn’t bother finishing the first scarf. Pretty ballsy I know, but now that I know how to knit and purl, I can make anything…. Right, right
Frog says alpaca smells good.
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