Pattern Fitting/Drafting Links


Fitting - Some tips maybe be at the end of review posts
1. Forward Shoulder Adjustments for Sleeves.
2. How to Shorten a Wrap Bodice.
3. My Quick and Dirty Hollow Chest Adjustment for the Comino Cap

Pattern Drafting
1. Drafting a Curved Waistband
2. How to Draft a Sewn On Cowl
3. How to Draft a Bodice with a Diagonal Princess Line
4. How to convert the Cambie bodice darts to princess line seams

Pattern Hacks
1. Blue Ginger Doll Pencil Skirt Hack
2. How to Turn Renfrew into a Cardigan
3. How to Give Renfrew a Boat Neck.
4. How to add a Yoke to Plantain
5. Penny Pinafore Hoodie Hack
6. Lady Skater with Pleats
7. The Nora - Nettie/Flora Mash
8. The Penny Skater
9. How to add a sweet heart seam and puffed sleeves to the Skater pattern
10. 1940's Dress Part 1 - Front and Back Inset
11. 1940's Dress Part 2 - Upper Bodice Changes
12. 1940's Dress Part 3 - Sleeve Changes

Misc Help
1. How to grade up a pattern using nested sizes.
2. How I graded the Brasilia Dress
3. How I Assemble PDF Patterns

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