Slowly returning to the land of functional knitters


I fell off the horse and laid on the ground and twitched a while. There might have been some drooling but let's keep that between you and me.

For about 2 1/2 months there was no knitting, no podcasts, no ravelry, no sewing, and no baking. There was only snow, sleep, and the glorious invention known as Netflix streaming. Outside the feet (FEET!) of snow piled up and I merely glanced at it and returned to my bed.
Snow blog

My world shrunk to a pin point because it turns out that growing a new human is a much more arduous task than one might imagine. Seemly the body knows what to do and at the same time is confused by having to suddenly provide for two instead of one. Still the days pile up just like the snow and perhaps your husband comments (with relief) that your knitting phase is over and all this "junk" can be gotten rid of.

You wouldn't say a corner has been turned but suddenly there is brightly colored yarn in your hands and the beginning of a sock flowing from your needles. After all your knitting is not a phase, it is what you are and always will be. Even if sometimes you fall off the horse.

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