It's a Festivus miracle!


My husband pointed out that today is Festivus, so I had to quote from that particular Seinfeld.
I could say that we've had a bit of Festivus miracle because look how much I've gotten done.
1. All my Christmas knitting is done with two days to spare.

2. Rolls and two pies have finished baking right now. Cookies have decoratively packaged.

3. Only one more load of laundry to do which is non essential.

4. Bags are half packed and I still have a couple more hours to finish that.
5. All Christmas presents are purchased and I only have to wrap one more.

That brings us to "
That little scarf" from Anne Hanson. I knit one out of alpaca silk (Color 114 which is an icy light purple) for my grandmother and I liked it so much it hasn't been wrapped yet. Hold onto your hats for the photo montage.

Down to the wire


List of tasks to complete before Christmas
1. Knit three more 24 row lace repeats to finish present for Grandmother (pictured above)
2. Knit hat for Dad, only 2 inches done
3. Buy two additional presents
4. Wrap 50% of already purchased presents
5. Package gift cookies (At least they are already baked)
6. Buy ingredients for Christmas dinner which I will be cooking (not at my house though)
7. Bake 2 pies, bread
, cinnamon rolls
8. Do laundry, pack luggage, groceries, kitchen utensils, etc
And I need to do all minus gainful employment 6am-6pm (there is some knitting time during the commute) the Friday night and Saturday that will be spent at my In-laws and the drive to Maryland to my mothers.

Where's my clone to help me with this!

That's OK let us enjoy some old fashioned Christmas ornaments made by someone in my family. This reminds me that I have to make my own kitschy Christmas ornaments for my future children to teasure.

Wool girl sock club yippie yippie yippe!


I receive my “surprise” woolgirl sock club shipment and I lovvvvvve it. (A surprise only because I forgot and am off blogs as I try to finish Christmas knitting) I’m definitely signing up for next year’s club. Each package I get is full of lovely yarn and fun surprises.

Frog is very taken with all the happy Christmas greenness and has plopped himself into the picture.
Off to do more knitting!

It's all unbloggable


I just finished a Christmas present that I can't show pictures of right now. I've started my loopy ewe swap project, but I can't show that either since my swap partner does know about my blog. Today I've worked all day on a knit 2, purl 2 ribbed hat in black for my husband. I could show you a picture of that but it looks like nothing in particular.
I think I just wanted to trot out photo I've been saving.

A bird in the nest


Friday night my husband wanted to get some Thai food and do a little Christmas shopping in downtown Media. We have excellent stores and restaurants in town so I was most pleased with this idea. After a tasty meal and the Noodi Bar (heh heh not making that up) we went to my favorite store Earth and State. My husband is very careful decision maker so I had plenty of time to fondle pottery, giggle at the sparkly snowmen, and figure out which Christmas tree ornament I was going to buy for myself. I have a weakness for pottery and Christmas ornaments and one is more easily justifiable. Let's just not talk about the size of the box of Christmas ornaments sitting in the basement. I also did some careful decision making and bought this little bird. It seems fitting that I bought a knitted animal for the first Christmas I will be a knitter. And more importantly he's squishy.

My new friend is sitting next to the last Booty club shipment (ha haa more booty references). My address was one that paypal ate so it came while I was away for the holidays. Do I like purple and blue? Yes I do! This one is staying outside the stash with the Sheepaint bamboolaine and the Funky Carolina sock yarn.

While I was making dinner my husband found a little nest for the new bird. I wonder if he will lay little heel darning eggs.
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