And we're back...Sort of


It's Pop Quiz time and on a Monday too. Aren't you glad I didn't follow in the footsteps of my parents and become a teacher? Now settle down and get out your pencils.

1. The unexpected blog silence of a few months was caused by...

a. Sewing a maternity jacket for my sister's baby shower.
b. Knitting a requested sweater for my mother's Christmas present.
c. House hunting and house buying paper work.
d. All of the above.

2. I've spent my weekends this month...

a. Packing things in boxes.
b. In my sister's basement breaking down boxes.
c. Visiting people's houses to take their boxes.
d. All of the above.

3. I'm burnt out on...

a. Sewing.
b. Knitting sweaters.
c. Having my tiny apartment filled with boxes!!!
d. All of the above.

You are correct all answers are D. Gold stars and cookies all around.

Yes, my husband and I (and the frogs) will soon be home owners and the last two months seem to have been absorbed by the whole process. We are waiting rather impatiently for Thursday, our closing day, to arrive. Until then I'm trying to make the time pass as painlessly as possible.... with brownies and sock. Not sure which is more delicious.

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