Settling In


We have most of our boxes unpacked. We have lead several contractors through the house to find out how much an electrical upgrade will cost. We've fought a few battles with the washer, an crotchety veteran of the 70's that doesn't seem to care for it's new owners much.
If only my house was this glittery!

More importantly the yarn was unpacked and tiny needles have been flying. Now there are 2 1/2 pairs of socks sitting in a basket just waiting for a good blocking.
More details and better pics after Christmas.

Despite loosing some steam, Nakniswemodo09 sweater number 12 should be done just under the wire. Joined the sleeves to the body just last night with some "Maryland" themed stitch markers from my sister.
The crab appears to have heard of my fondness for eating his brothers.

If you don't hear from me until January I'll be sitting in the lovely dining room staring at my tree. Maybe with a cup of tea and some knitting, thinking about how I should have frozen some peaches.
Droolllll glittery peach.
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