On being married to a former boy scout


My husband came home from work and told me he had drive up to Bethlehem (PA) to visit a contractor. His office had paper work they needed from the contractor by Monday and he had been told to pick it up. I LOVE Bethlehem! The awesome downtown holds, a yarn store, a chocolate store, and independent book store (The trifecta!) The bookstore is actually 4 facades of older building that were kept intact. But internally they opened up the side walls so that the place is gigantic and has has beautiful lighting from all the sky lights. They have books of course, but also a cafe, housewares, Christmas ornaments, gardening equipment, etc (all of this is like crack to me). I've said that I would like to live in that book store and I wasn't really joking. So the first words out of my mouth were, "That's a long drive for you, but I could come along and shop while you're in the contractor's office." My husband just ignored this and talked about his day. So I brought it up later saying I could call out of work and then meet him when ever he decided to leave his office. He didn't answer again so I let it drop for the night and asked him again in the morning. Finally he said, "No, it's not right that you come, because it's work."
Honestly my brain can not process this, how can it be wrong for me to sit in a car already going to a destination and then use my free time to shop while he is doing his job. Visions of a fun Friday spent squeezing yarn and leafing through books vanished and I put myself on the train to work. Sighhhhhhhh.
He did bring me back chocolate though.

And now for something completely different..... the color orange. The color orange and I used to have a deeply hateful relationship, probably due to the fact that I look hideous wearing it. But when I had color theory in college, orange started to seem OK. Then somehow it became my favorite color for household products. Frog models by one of my precious orange trash cans. I have two and they have horrified friends in the past. Then of course we have Mr Crab who is a very happy orange color, hanging out next to the Dashing Dachs colorway goldfish which has great oranges in it. Still it wasn't until today that I realized I had come full circle in my relationship with orange. It happened when I saw The Knittery's brunt orange merino/cashmere sock yarn at woolgirl.com. I wanted to buy it and make myself a pair of soft winter socks sooooo bad. So bad that I could taste it. But I've balanced that check book and between car repairs, new orders of contacts and the fact that I've bought 2 sweaters worth of yarn already, fun money is gone. Sighhhhhh.

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