Random Knitty Silliness


Today I was caught by the neighbor taking pictures of my socks in the back yard. I realized the absurdity of being found wearing wool socks in 98 percent humidity and pretended she wasn't there. She didn't say anything either, I imagine she backed away slowly. A least I got a nice picture of the uptown boot sock that shows off the purple yarn. Now I don't have to hang my head in shame on ravelry.

I have no new socks to show you because I have no new socks on the needles. (Ribbons of shame, Ribbons of shame!) This didn't seem to be much of a problem until I had to go to the movies and had no sock to knit. So I figured, "What's the difference between knitting a sock and winding a ball of yarn?" So that's what I did ...... in a completely full movie theater ...... no one said anything. Though I'm sure the couple right next to me were thinking, "What is this freak doing?" But they seemed to be too busy trying to get the people with the screaming baby kicked out to bother with me.

The fun silver cable project is taking all my time. The back is done and now I'm moving on to a sleeve. There was actually some sunlight in the house to take advantage of. Whoopee! Now I don't have to completely blow the neighbors mind with half knitted sleeves in the grass. Those cables look great. Crab looks confused, but he always looks like that. Hmmm he has nice claws to hold DPNs, maybe he can start knitting new socks.

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