Is your sweater cursed?


Had to take a week off of knitting due to the painful neck cramp. There were good books to read so my knitting ban could have been worse. Since then I've been knitting on the somewhat cowl which I now believe is cursed. (Can you knit the devil into it or does he just have one of his minions show up late night to lay a curse on it). In just this weekend I've unraveled several days of work and then realized that everything I knit last night was in the wrong needle size. I feel like throwing it into a dark closet corner never to be seen again. Part of me thinks if I press on that the sweater will turn out wearable the other part thinks I should stop now before I make more mistakes. What I need is a "Is your sweater cursed?" test.

Is Your Sweater Cursed Quiz? (by cosmo)
1. When you sit down to knit your sweater what thoughts come into your head?

a. It feels good to make something with my hands.
b. I need to decrease an extra 2 inches and add some extra ribbing.
c. Could I commit Harri Kari on bamboo circulars?

2. Complete this sentence. My yarn is.....

a. The softest most beautiful thing that I've ever knit with.
b. Inexpensive and easy to work with.
c. The spawn of Satan. I can hear the split stitches mocking me.

3. How do you feel while your knitting?

a. Calm and at peace.
b. Happy with a sense of accomplishment.
c. Like pea soup might come shooting from your mouth at any minute.

4. What do you think knitting this sweater is teaching you?

a. Playing with color and textures is a lot of fun.
b. How to successfully execute a new technique.
c. Curse words in foreign languages.

5. What are you looking forward to once this sweater is finished?

a. To have a pretty new sweater that goes with my shoes.
b. Having something that keeps me warm in January.
c. Setting fire to said sweater on the front lawn while I dance around it laughing manically.

If you answered a to most of the questions congratulations you are in knitting Nirvana or are possibly on mood altering drugs. What ever the source of your upbeat mood enjoy knitting your curse free sweater and we hope that it looks cute with your shoes.

If you answered b to most of the questions then you don't need this quiz because your sweaters are always on gauge and fit perfectly. Wrap yourself up in the curse free sweater you finished ahead of schedule and go organize your spice rack.

If you answered c to most of the questions immediately drop your sweater onto the ground and back away quickly. Your sweater is cursed and may be extremely dangerous. Have one of your family members call a priest while you arm yourself with double points in case the sweater tries to attack. Should members of the clergy think you are insane and refuse to come to your house to exorcise the sweater, go with your gut instincts and burn it on the lawn. Tell the neighbors you are helping your kids with their campfire badges, then smile and offer them some s-mores.

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