The good, the bad, the painful....


Bad news - I was without Internet access for a couple of days this week.

Good news - I had lots of fun Harry Potter books to read. I really haven't done much reading since I started knitting and it was a nice change.

Bad news - As I started the toe of my second monkey sock I realized that I had made a mistake in the first one.

Good news - The first fit fine so I just made the same mistake and finished up the pair of socks.

Painful news - I woke up at 4:00am on Saturday with a searing pain in my neck. A pain that painkillers did not touch, a pain that meant I could not move my head in any direction to my left or hold it up completely straight. Sleep was out of the question.

Good news - I had plenty more Harry Potter to read until 8:00 when my chiropractor opened up.

Bad news - My Chiropractor said I had two big knots in my muscles alongside my neck and that he would adjust me but it wouldn't do much for the pain. So he cracked my neck an
d told me to go home ice the knots and get some sleep because my lymph nodes were swollen which means I was fighting off some germs.

Good news - I got two more hours of sleep and then went to the mall and got a 30 min neck and shoulder massage. (They were actually very good). That took the edge off of the pain a bit.

Bad news - I couldn't knit or do much of anything that required sitting upright all weekend.

Good news - I had gotten all the grocery shopping done Friday and I had plenty of books to read. My husband even made dinner on Saturday night with all three food groups.

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