The sock gods are angry


Sock gods, I know not how I angered you, but if I offer you wine and cookies will you smile upon me again?

First you made my tension tighter on my second purple sock so that I can hardly get it over my heel. I know I have to rip it but I'm procrastinating.

Then I start the new pair of purple socks and find out 2 inches into knitting the pattern that I can't see the cables due to the variegated colors in the yarn. I ripped it.

Next I cast on for some Loksins and after 3 rows of knitting half of the stitches fall off my needles. I ripped that too.

Finally I start a pair of Monkey socks and after finishing one repeat of the lace pattern I realize I knit it upside down. Ripped the sock back down to the ribbing and started again. At least the Monkey sock seems to going OK now. Maybe the problem was lack of sleep and not the sock gods.

I'm still leaving the wine and cookies out.

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