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This post could also be titled, "Why I have no time." All I need to do is quit that pesky job but somehow I don't think we can just eat out of the garden. Or that the landlord would take peppers for rent.

And now some garden porn shots.

I think that's the Ace pepper, I've got two different bell peppers in that garden and I've forgotten which one this is.

And the tomato is a Brandywine it should be the first tomato of the season.

One thing about gardening is that it teaches you patience. Look at all those peppers and the tomato which is bigger than my fist. All of it unripe. Soon I'll be swimming in tomatoes and my husband will refuse to eat any that haven't been cooked. More Brushetta for me! Though cooking spaghetti sauce in August kinda sucks until you get to eat it.

Knitting update:
The somewhat cowl has to be ripped back many many inches because the neck line to tooooo low.

The first gray sweater is sewn together and I'm happier with it than I thought I would be. Pictures will be coming if I remember to ask my husband.

The monkey sock has had the heel turned and should be done this week.

And I cast on an all stockinette stitch shawl that is my no thinking knitting for the moment. It was a good thing to have as I watched "Walk the Line" this weekend. I think it was the first time in awhile that I paid more attention to the movie than my knitting.

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