On Friday I came home and there were 4 packages behind the door. I almost squealed with delight like a 4 year old. Now I wasn't being too bad, one package was a sock book, the others were gifts for a wedding and a pledge gift. I got the wedding gifts from etsy, so they fun to open even if I'm giving the stuff away. On my husband's suggestion I got the couple cloth napkins and handmade wooden saute tool. Then on Saturday my second skein from sunshine yarns showed up. Whheeeeeeee !!! The one with a lot of yellow is Sun and sea and the other skein is Dragonfly. There are at least two or three more colorways I want to buy from her but that will have to wait. And Sheri of the Loopy Ewe is back from vacation and soon will have more crack..... I mean sock yarn up for sale. I.... must... resist.

Frog seems to be hiding out somewhere, so we'll have to settle for a frog garden picture. Bird nets keep birds and hungry little frogs out of the strawberries.

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