A sock in it's natural habitat.
The first Monkey sock finished just in time to go to bed on Tuesday night. That went really fast taking only 7 days with some ripping out and reknitting during that period. The grafting of the toe was still botched but I think I got a little further before everything fell to pieces. The colorway is Cannon Beach from Yarn pirate and I especially like it when I get to knit with the brightest blue value. I was wishing for a whole skein of yarn that bright blue color but I wonder if that would sear your retinas.
Now knitting with variegated yarn is fun and buying it is even more fun, but I come to the realization that I need to buy several skeins of solid color yarn. There are too many textural patterns that I want to do that would be hidden by the variegated colorway. Also I’m more likely to wear solid color socks out of the house. I was all ready to buy some colors from Sundara when I came across this on the Posh Vintage website.

The color doesn't trill me, but so many design elements are fabulous. The ribbed yoke, the fat cables next to the button band, the little neru collar. I love it! I want one in red. And I’m crazy enough to think I’m ready to make up my own sweater pattern for the third sweater I’ve ever made. Swatching has begun!

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