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Wellllll between being "lazy and internet difficulties I have not posted anything new. Bad blogger, no cookie! I have been knitting though, But just more of the same silver cable sweater. It is turning a bit boring having to repeat those cables over and over, but I can do it error free while being half asleep. What I can't do error free is surf ravelry and knit at the same time. This has not stopped me from continuing to knit while surfing. The second sleeve is well underway and looks like it will use up all the remaining yarn. Which means I will have to buy many more balls, ugghhhhh. I'm going to be the yarn shop owners new best friend since I was just there last week buying yarn for this baby project.

Yes I committed to knit baby items for a co-worker. It was supposed to be a fun baby sweater but instead has grown to a massive, nerve wracking, multi piece ensemble. And the co-worker didn't ask until a month before her due date. Never Again I say.

In retaliation I cast on socks for me (not mom's Christmas present) and got stuck on the second row of the chart. Gar! Nothing but aggravation with all my knitting.

As you can see the fluffies found the sock yarn drawer and had a bit of a frolic. Well at least someone is having fun.

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