Frogs and Baby Sweaters


Some time last year I told my family that I wasn't the kind of person that would buy anything with a frog on it. I had only bought my Monkey Frog because he literally yelled, "Take me home, we'll be pals." Being a person with already low sales resistance to stuffed animals I said, "Duhhhh, OK."
Now I should admit that I will buy most things if they have a cute frog on them. Case in point new frog journal. They were right in the front of the anthropologie store and I admit to thinking, "I'm buying one,.... should I buy two?" But the froggies ar
e so cute, especially the one with the bubbles coming out of his mouth. heehehee

On the knitting side, the baby sweater is trying to drive me insane. Yesterday I spent from 2pm to 11:30 pm trying to get something started and everything was the wrong gauge. Today I'm happy to report that I decided to go with the Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern and I'm getting though the garter stitch yoke. Frog is happy to report that the yarn is snuggly soft and a very pretty pink color.

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