Proof that little frogs will get cookies if they pester the baker long enough....

Or maybe I just use frog as a scapegoat for my own cookie enabling.

Proof that baby sweater is really cursed...
I will be at the in laws this weekend, where I only have to eat, sleep and talk while knitting. Because of this wonderful chunk of knitting time I was hoping to have new pattern book for evil baby sweater on Friday. (Time of departure) When the ordered was placed Sunday the thought was that the book would be shipped Monday or Tuesday. Today I got an email from the owner of the store with an apology. She was in the middle of moving right now and wasn't able to mail the package until Wednesday. I totally understand her circumstances and don't blame her a bit. Besides, it's obviously the curse of the baby sweater reaching out to mess with her life. I think it's up to a Darth Vader level of evil.

Proof that there are other things to take my mind off of knitted evil.....

Oooo Mr. postman, you bring me such nice things. Now if you bring me my yarn pirate sock club tomorrow we will really be friends.

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