Could my Horoscope be right?


I admit to reading the horoscope in the free newspaper every morning. It entertains me to see that one day I'm told to watch my budget and the next to go treat myself by purchasing something nice. On Tuesday it was, "Stop buying things you don't need." I believe I snorted because every knitter knows you always "need" yarn. I knew the Sundara update was that day and that Woolmeise was ready to drop at the loopy ewe any minute and I intended to buy!
Wellll the knitting Goddess seemed to think my yarn drawer was already full enough. The Woolmeise went live on the loopy ewe some time during my 2 hour train ride home. It was all gone by the time I was even aware that the update had happened. I did get home before the Sundara update popped up and was lurking on the site clicking refresh every 30 seconds. Now lets pause a second and state that I have dial up. (I know, I know lets all laugh heartily at the silly girl using ancient technology.) So what happened is that everyone with high speed bought all the prettiest Sundara yarn before I even saw the pictures.

OK yarn goddess I get the hint. I'll have to wait for my sock club instead. I'm still buying got a problem with that?

Frog helping me do some calculations on those sleeve decreases.


  1. Your horoscope is only right when it comes to everything else, but yarn! Seriously, you can never have too much yarn, especially sock yarn! Although, it is wrong when it comes to chocolate too! You can never have too much chocolate, well, maybe you can. If I had to choose between never having chocolate or never being able to knit again...bye bye chocolate!! Sock club packages are coming!


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