Arrrrr, Me Booty


I'm a little late for talk like a pirate day, but what the heck. The first 3 month installment of the yarn pirate booty club wrapped up this month and I have been very remiss in blogging about it. The silver cable sweater kind of swept me away from the land of sock yarn for a bit. (Not that I stop buying sock yarn, I just didn't talk about it) In order of closest to frog there is colorway Rumrunner in the 100% merino sock, Calamity in BFL sock, and Butternut in the merino/tencel blend. I signed up for round two of the booty club, which made missing this months loopy ewe yp update easier to swallow. (It still blows)

I have to take a break from knitting for the rest of the week due to neck/rotater cuff pain. It sucksss. I'll be reading the phantom tollboth and pretending to be 12.

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