I'll be icing my rotator cuff


The husband and I had a nice lazy weekend at his parents house. Most of it was spent eating, talking and watching movies. We did get up off our fannies to help harvest the last of the grapes from my father-in-laws vineyard. There would be some pretty pictures of that if we had brought the camera. I did steal the in-laws camera and snap a couple action shots of grape crushing process. I'll get those in the email sometime soon.

Much much much knitting was done this weekend. So much that my rotator cuff is not pleased and wants me to know how much it has been abused. It's the baby sweater curse I tell you!

The first Christmas sock for Mom is "finished." Except it probably isn't finished. I'll have to wait two weeks to see if it fits the foot it's made for.
The second sock is started, but will probably waste away for a couple of months.
First sock from my woolgirl sock club is started and boy does sport weight knit up fast. It's the fun project you want to knit but have to put aside for obligation knitting.

Six inches were added to the silver cable cardigan and all the neck decreased finished. It only needs a few more inches to finish out the shoulder. However it will now sit around waiting for it's size 6 needle I stole for the dreaded baby sweater.

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